What We Miss When We Hesitate

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As I thought about what I want to share this week, I once again dug back into the treasure troves of the past. You might well ask why, because isn't life all about today?  Well, yes, but tomorrow can be so much better, if we learn from our yesterdays.  This brings me to my point. If we hesitate, procrastinate, or even anticipate too long...the moment is gone, vanished, and lost forever.  

I can tell you about many "almost" photographic moments that I carry in my memory. For instance, a grandfather fishing with his grandson on a sunny summer afternoon; a truck driver looking much more like the pied piper as he trailed a gaggle of geese around his feet; a tired old man with the saddest eyes I've ever seen, pausing for a moment in his overcoat and beret; a little boy trailing his backpack behind him as he ran down the country lane to hug his mother after a long day at school...and the list goes endlessly on.  

These are not moments I can show you, however, I can only tell you about them. In every case, I missed the moment. Now, I've talked a little before about being willing to risk looking foolish. This is not really the same thing. How do I know?  Because I'm not afraid of looking foolish, perhaps because I've done it so many, many times! One such moment occurred just a couple of months ago, when I was on holiday in the states. I was enjoying a pleasant lunch at an outdoor cafe with my aunt and uncle when a broad-shouldered, tattooed man suddenly passed right by my table...carrying a very large, live boa wrapped around his shoulders! Without thinking, I jumped up and ran after him, camera in hand.  Unfortunately, between the crowds and the pace he was walking, I did not get a very good shot. My best guess, is that I looked something like this (thank you Welly once again for translating my imagination in such an amazing way!)!

Wait!  Ssss-stop!  I want to take your picture!


What I am talking about today has more to do with being prepared to act on an opportunity when it unexpectedly presents itself. In a moment like that, there is no time to think! Pick up your camera and do your best to capture that moment before it is gone. Even if you  are only interested in the occasional snapshot, do yourself a favour and take the time and effort to make them as interesting and memorable as possible! This way, you will be able to look back at your picture and smile...and we can smile with you! I do need to add this one caveat, however, please always be careful and sensitive when the moment involves a child. 

Thankfully, this post has a happy ending. Although I still don't always take my heavy cameras with me everywhere, I do always at least have my smartphone with me. Here are some of the unexpected moments I have captured on the Fylde Coast over the last four years. 


A relaxing moment in Lytham Square, enjoying a sunny afternoon...much like today! ... Autumn 2009




A humorous moment on a very windy Lytham Club Day 2011...


www.facebook.com/shanonleighphotography Angelic moments...miniature Olympians, Lytham Club Day 2012


2012 Olympic Torch Relay, Lytham, Lancashire Patriotic moments...his name is Michael, awaiting the Olympic Torch, June 2012

(I'd love to give him a copy of this if anyone knows him)


A "lost shoe" moment...with friends, Barbara Robinson and Paula Newman...2011

(I was helping too, I had my camera ready...and a spare pair of socks!)


A "mans best friend" moment... in Lowther Gardens...2011


A "just learning to walk" moment...with Maisie Butcher (parents, John and Jane Butcher, standing near by)...January 2013


A pensive moment...walking on Lytham beach...2009


Blackpool Sand Sea & Spray 2013 A loving moment...with friends, David and Sally Seidel

Sides Art and Framing 1 Tudor Buildings, South Westby Street Lytham, FY8 5JE


I hope you enjoy these images. There are always more to share, and new ones to capture! We'll just leave those for another time!  If you have any images of your own, or comments you'd like to share, I would absolutely love to hear from you!


Have a great week!  Don't forget your smartphone or camera!  See you next Saturday!


Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"





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