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Quirky bits aside, the pictures I've selected show both an award-winning cultural element, as well as the more familiar family fun side along the promenade of Blackpool.   

View of Blackpool Tower...feet firmly planted on the ground!

For starters, there are the tall "Dune Grasses" sculptures along the promenade. Erected just in the last couple of years, these sculptures, designed by the London-based creative agency, FreeState, are the tallest, kinetic sculptures in the world. When you stand on the promenade and watch them wave in the wind, it is awe-inspiring. Admittedly, the first thing that came to my mind was whether they could stand in fierce winds or would they suddenly just snap, creating chaos and godzilla-like damage to anything daring to get in its path! This is where I tell my overactive imagination to shut up! The clever designers at FreeState thought of that too, of course, putting the design through rigorous testing in wind tunnels. They didn't stop there, though. They also took a lifesize prototype to the Isle of Wight to test it in "gale force" winds of up to 55 knots, or 110 km/h.  

The 10-story tall "Dune Grasses" seen here, swaying on a very cold day in January 2012.

 The entire project, from design to testing, to placing it in its final resting place along the promenade, took over four years! The outcome? A refreshing site along Blackpool's world-famous promenade, a kickstart to conversations, both online and by the over 10 million visitors passing by each year, and a coveted Cannes International Design Award for "Design in Public Spaces!" That's a proud moment for Blackpool! The clincher was beating out China, The Phillippines, Belgium, and France for the same award. Here is the YouTube video clip from FreeState of their Cannes Lion Gold winner.

Another now familiar site along the promenade is the already infamous Comedy Carpet, created by artist, Gordon Young in collaboration with Why Not Associates. This sculpture is a fabulous tribute to many legends in the world of comedy, and it took Young over five years to complete it.  Through a sad turn of events, however, a portion of the sculpture was destroyed by Blackpool Council only five months after the celebrated unveiling with comedian, Ken Dodd. From the perspective of Blackpool Council, reportedly, it was all about Health and Safety. The portion of the carpet that was destroyed was considered to be too close to the tram tracks for safe viewing. The argument from the artist's point of view is that there was no apparent attempt by Blackpool Council to follow any form of protocol to notify him or to look for alternatives.  

A montage I pieced together from images of the Comedy Carpet, January 2012

In spite of that unfortunate and expensive hiccup, the sculpture, which cost £2.6 million pounds in the making, pays tribute to over 1000 comedians and comedic writers. It even won the Best Public Realm Award of 2011 and the Grand Prix:Drum Design award in 2013. It is an extraordinary work of art and an enjoyable experience!   If you go when there is a comfortable crowd, it's fun hearing people read these famous lines aloud, laughing at them all over again! You can read more about how this fabulous sculpture was created here http://www.comedycarpet.com.

View from Blackpool Tower, July 2012

It would be a shame to visit Blackpool and leave out all the colourful sights and sounds you find on Central Pier, especially when you take the family!  Perhaps the rides are not cutting edge engineering, but I personally love that they are well-known classics, especially the ferris wheel!  

Fun at Central Pier!


Things are looking up...Central Pier, January 2012

There is definitely a time and place for the highest and zaniest rollercoaster, sitting at the very front so you can see and fully anticipate your high speed plunge into a bottomless pit of winding steel amidst waving arms and delightful screams! But I still love the ferris wheel with the ambience of all the happy noises, cheesey ride "muzak" and colourful lights, combined with an amazing view of it all!  

There's nothing like the Ferris Wheel at Night...Central Pier

If the rides aren't enough to entertain you, let's not forget there are all kinds of arcade games where your kids can relieve you of plenty of dosh in a single night, caricatures and face painting, cotton floss (cotton candy for my American readers), and a large assortment of other unhealthy goodies for kids of all ages.  

Cotton Floss is an ageless treat!

Last, but not least, we mustn't forget my all-time favourite...BUMPER CARS!!! Seriously, where else can you ram into your other half, irritating teenager, or just some random person over and over again, all the while laughing like the wicked witch of the west and shouting, "I'll get you, my pretty!" without any consequences?  

In beween rides on Central Pier


View from the Wedding Chapel...and not a smartphone in site!

Like many of you, I also have personal memories here. I love watching people caught up in a moment when they don't know anyone is there. I love walks along the beach with my boyfriend and his lovable chocolate lab, Alfie, and at the end of the day, I love, love, love the guilty pleasure of ice cream at Notarianni's! American or not, I have to admit that I ♥ Blackpool!

Quality time...


Remembering a "first kiss" moment


Welly and I love walking Alfie on Stargate beach


Chocolate lab alert!

There are so many more pictures to share from Blackpool, I barely got started! There is still the urban art movement, organised by the ever-energetic Robin Ross, but I need a whole post to dedicate to his efforts! Hey Robin, if you read this, we should talk!! A good place to end today, I think, is with these images taken on the night of the Illuminations Switch-On in 2012.   

Important note: this picture was captured with a long lens whilst tram was stopped.


Central Pier on the night of the Illuminations Switch-On, 2012

Thanks for stopping by for a little while...I do love company! If you have any stories about Blackpool you want to share, or if you know someone like Robin Ross that I might want to interview for a future post, I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment on my blog or email me at [email protected].  


Have a great week!

Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"









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Lytham WarTime Weekend: Reconnecting With Our Past https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/8/lytham-wartime-weekend-reconnecting-with-our-past As the daughter of a USAF Military Officer, I grew up around air bases, airplanes, military life and air shows. Hardly a day went by when we weren't running to the window to try to identify what type of plane was flying overhead. I wasn't any good at it, but my dad couldn't help encouraging me to try anyway. He loves flying, airplanes, the military and his country with a passion. Military men run in our family. My great uncle was a vice admiral in the Navy, My grandfather fought in the Korean War, My father in Vietnam. I have another uncle who went to Vietnam. He was a Major in the US Marine Corp. He didn't die there, but he gave his life for his country, not necessarily because he believed in the politics of the Vietnam conflict, but because he believed in his country. I am proud of my family's military history. Having said that, I was not really all that interested in history in my younger years. If my father reads this, and he probably will, there will be an audible gasp right about now!

It really isn't my fault, you know. The way history is presented in school is often dry and uninteresting...okay, boring even. Why is that? I believe history presented only in facts is lifeless and impersonal. People, however, make history fascinating! This is why events like the Lytham WarTime  Weekend are so important. We are transported back to another time and place for just a moment, or at least reminded of it with a very visual experience. What I don't know is why so many people want to get involved on such a personal level. As I walked down to Lytham Green early Sunday morning, I decided to see if I could get some answers.  

It was just about 0800 when I arrived on the Green. As I started seeking out signs of life, I suddenly got a whiff of the delicious aroma of coffee and sausages cooking around a campfire! I headed in that direction!  

Mmm...Coffee!  Wonder if I could "accidentally" tip some into a cup?

Sure enough, there was a group of men sleepily sitting around a campfire, ready to pounce on the pot of coffee bubbling over the smoky flames.  

L-R: Panzer Grenadier: Clive Lond, Panzer Reconnaissance: Keith Gilbert, Panzer Jager: Frank Fazackerley, Panzer Grenadier: Matthew Connelly

Ignoring my own caffeine impulses, I introduced myself. They seemed surprised by my American accent, but I am getting used to that. One by one, I met each of the reenactment soldiers of the 21st Panzer Division of Germany; a tank troop apparently best known for their role in the North African campaign. The first soldier reenacter I met, called Frank Fazackerley, was wearing lapels with pink piping. According to Frank, this colour represented soldiers who were Panzer Jagers, or tank hunters. There is an entire Waffenfarbe (troop function colour scheme), defining the function designated by the colour of piping a soldier wore on his lapels. You can see them all here.

Frank Fazackerley, representing a Panzer Jager of the 21st Panzer Division, Germany

Frank Fazackerley, representing a Panzer Jager, told me that he loves participating in World War II reenactments. He was greatly influenced by the stories his father shared about his tour of duty in World War II. Being part of these reenactments honours his father's contribution in a very personal way. What a wonderful way to keep his father's legacy alive.

Matthew Connelly, Panzier Grenadier

I could tell straight away that Matthew Connelly was no "sandgrownun," and indeed, he confessed as much himself! Matthew is a first time reenacter from Glasgow who was coerced into participating by his brother-in-law, John Lister. According to Matthew, he is enjoying the experience fully, and I must say, he certainly seems right at home in his uniform, sitting around a campfire and smoking a cigarette!


Keith Gilbert, Panzer Reconnaissance

The next soldier reenacter I met was Keith Gilbert, clearly very practiced at these events, and busily packing up his gear in preparation of the "battle" ahead! Keith also acted as chef for the rest of the division. In fact, he offered me some very delicious-looking, heavenly-smelling sausages that I foolishly turned down.  

John Lister, Panzer Reconnaissance

The last member of the division to come out of the tent was John Lister, looking very dashing in his uniform. He didn't have much to say...I think he was on reconnaissance for coffee!

It is evident that most of these men enjoy being part of the reenactments simply because they are passionate about experiencing this era in our history, and they want to share it with others. Watching them sit around the campfire with each other, however, I have a sneaky suspicion that they also quite like playing at war. Either way, isn't it a fascinating way to dust off the history books and personalise the past!  

As I walked back home, I couldn't help thinking how hungry I was...I'm still kicking myself for turning down a campfire-cooked breakfast!  

If you want more information on World War II Reenactment Organisations, check out this website dedicated to the many groups that participate.  Find a group and become a future storyteller about the past http://www.clash-of-steel.com/directory/links_groups.php?cat=ww2.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by!  If you have anything about World War II or reenactments that you would like to share, please do!  I welcome all comments!



Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"



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Lytham Proms 2013-Channeling the Eighties https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/8/lytham-proms-2013-channeling-the-eighties Lytham Proms is a big deal every year, and this year was no different. What began in 2009 with a single concert night, has now grown into a three-night super event from Friday through Sunday!

Curiousity about the proms begins to build earlier in the week when the crew arrives and begins fencing off the concert area. What is it about fences that makes you want to be nosey? I saw some security crew, but since the fence wasn't fully up yet, I didn't think they would mind me poking around with my camera a bit. I gulped down my last few McDonalds Fries and slurped a now melted chocolate shake before getting out of my car. Classy, I know, but being a super sleuth requires some extra energy! The sun was just beginning to go down a little, but the steel beams were rising up over Lytham Green. It is kind of surreal, in a way, to see this type of construction on the Fylde Coast of Lancashire, because for a second you can almost transport yourself and pretend you are in a city somewhere. Nah...not nearly as much fun as what was happening right before my eyes!

Men of Steel!

I started walking around the perimeter of the concert construction site to see what else was happening. What I found was a few curious onlookers, some with cameras. Mostly there were smartphones and the occasional point and shoot. But there were also one or two others that had proper cameras...with very large lenses. This is where the danger music would start to play in a film. As I approached them, my palms started to sweat and it felt like I was about to enter a duel! We walked toward each other with determined steps, yet with a certain wariness in our eyes. We knew full well that we were equally armed. As we passed, we paused long enough to give each other a steely glance, our eyes met, giving this clear, unspoken, "Stay out of my territory!" warning. Then, without speaking, we took a deep breath and continued on our way, sure that we had made our point quite clear.  
A bit further around the stage area, I saw some construction workers trying to pull this tarp-type sheeting over the base of the stage. As I walked past, I thought I would try to take a few photos of them hard at work. They looked at me and started laughing and speaking in a foreign language, something that might well have meant, "Ha, ha, ha look at the lady with the crazy red hair and a bit of chocolate milk shake on her chin!"  "Darn!" I thought as I dabbed at my chin with a tissue! I took the picture of them anyway and glanced back with a bit of a smug look on my face.  Maybe if I knew what they were saying, I wouldn't have done that last bit.

How many construction workers does it take to build a stage?

I continued my walk of discovery, really enjoying watching everything being built from the ground up.  About halfway around, I came upon some entry gates just sitting in the middle of the field, ready to be installed. It is truly amazing how quickly an entire set of this size can be put together, but  even cooler is having it happen up close and personal, right here in Lytham! I peered through the door to the otherside, momentarily imagining crowds excitedly making their way in as the concert was about to begin!!  

All I need to do is push...

Coming out of my reverie, I could see I had completed my walk around the perimeter of the concert area and was now approaching the group of security officers I had originally seen. They seemed to be watching everything and everyone. I didn't think they would bother me for taking photographs so early on, but I thought it best to include them in my blog just in case! They complied with my request very graciously! I think it is good to point out too, that we certainly have them to thank for having a weekend full of music that was both fun and safe for everyone!

Part of the security crew!  Thanks, officers!

Friday night arrived, and I grabbed my camera gear before setting off for Eighties Night! I didn't actually buy tickets this year, but rather decided to join in the fun that was going on around the outside of the perimeter fencing of the stage, all along the green. Were people really able to enjoy themselves without being inside where they could see everything?

Super Sleuth...view from the cheap seats!

The answer to that question, from my first glance to the last, was a resounding, "Yes!" People all along Lytham Green were dancing, eating, drinking, and singing along to the music! They were having such a good time in fact, that I didn't have to beg anyone to let me take their pictures! Most people just stopped, posed, and smiled as soon as they saw my camera!!   


The mood in the air was catching, and everywhere you looked people were taking part in the festivities. There were many dressed up "80's style," although I must say that I do not remember wearing some of the outfits I saw, and I was a child of the 80's!  




Hmm...not getting this theme at all.  Gosh, I hope that grumpy look wasn't for me!

Madonna might have designed these outfits herself!

As the music played on through the evening, I sang to the tunes I knew whilst walking around taking photographs. Now that I think about it, I must have looked a bit like a nutter...maybe that's why folks just stopped and posed. I was having so much fun, I could have cared less! Then I came upon these young lads standing on a garden wall in hopes of getting a better look at the concert. I walked up to them with my camera, and they seemed only too keen to have their picture taken. But I made a classic mistake by asking them to pose as if they were on an album cover.  
Now some of you are saying, "So what?" Yeah, that just means you were alive when album covers were cool too, but these kids don't remember album covers, so they just started howling with laughter. Next I tried, "CD cover then?"  More laughter.  "Boy Band pose?"  That they understood.  Now why couldn't I have thought a bit quicker on my feet and said I was "channeling my inner eighties?"  Then I wouldn't have sounded like such an old fool!! But it was all in good fun!

Lytham "Boy Band"...plus one!

Needless to say further, it was a great night with some fab musicians like Tony Hadley and Jason Donovan, playing the tunes we still know and love!!  Families were out together, playing and enjoying the night together. I even saw someone riding his bike down the street as he was moving to the beat! Next time, I might even dress up in my zebra striped jeans, shoulder pads, and big hair for the occasion!!

In closing, I'll leave you with a photo of Lytham Windmill because what would Lytham Proms be without remembering such a beloved piece of Lytham heritage?

Thank you for stopping by!  I'd love to hear your comments about Lytham Proms! 

See you next week!  Thank you Welly, for the fab cartoon!

Warm regards,

Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"

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The Great Debate https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/8/the-great-debate You don't have to walk far this summer to get a delicious whiff of something yummy cooking in someone's back garden! Planning a barbecue seemed like such a wonderful idea!  The weather was bound to be another perfectly sunny day, just as it had been for weeks! Yes, I know, this is England, so all bets are off!!  Uh-oh, was that a rumble of thunder? 

Snail's Pace

Nice that this little guy was able to reflect on things...not exactly what we had in mind, though!

All talk of weather aside, the "Great Debate" began from the moment Tim and I decided to have a barbecue and invite some friends over. Pre-conceived territorial notions sprang to the forefront! We drew our lines in the sand, casting sinister glares and daring each other to step over into the sacred territories we had claimed as our own!  

Tim, like most men, decided his domain was anything DIY, including putting together the garden furniture, setting up the gazebo in case of rain, and being Chef Wells at the barbecue! Oh, hear the mighty caveman roar (she said without any attempt to hide her sarcasm)!! For the record, Tim has a lovely, but limited selection of dishes he cooks. Never once has he mentioned barbecuing being on that list. That's because it isn't.  Admittedly, you probably have a good chance of "winging it" when it comes to cooking burgers and sausages. Chicken, however, is a bit trickier. A host of potential problems exist, ranging from undercooked chicken that is charred on the outside, to chicken so overcooked that it more closely resembles sawdust in taste.  

Exit, Tim…Enter, the Caveman…

I didn't want to take over (uh-huh), but I did want to encourage him to do some research on the internet for the "proper" way to set up the barbecue, lighting the charcoals, and cooking the meat.  Yes, I did say that and he responded in much the same way you did just now, with peals of laughter.   Laugh if you will, but there is a plethora of helpful information out there to be explored!!!  

Tim also decided that I should stick to the shopping, cooking, and cleaning.  Umm, I fully agree with the cooking, but cleaning?  Excuse me (insert a little Philadelphia attitude here), but is this where I am supposed to go and put on my French maid outfit? And if cooking is my domain, which it should be, don't you think I should also have some input into the barbecuing?  More growling, glaring, and gnashing of teeth, but the end result was the same...NOPE!  

I think my inner cavewoman just emerged.  

And there we stood, man versus woman, Mars versus Venus, armed with years of ideas and training instilled by generations of our genders, and neither of us willing to budge an inch. Naturally, we couldn't stand there forever, so to use a pun on purpose, we caved!  Only just a little, though. I decided that even if the worst happened to the chicken, we still had plenty of burgers and sausages. He "realized" that cleaning was actually his territory this time around, since we decided to have the barbecue at his place. Like many guys, he needed some convincing that cleaning was a necessity at all! Happily, we did the shopping together. Shopping, for me, is about as much fun as sticking a needle in my eye, so I was only too keen to have his company. As for the barbecuing, Tim begrudgingly said he would let me do all the prepping of the meat for cooking. Hmm, I'm beginning to think that was part of his plan from the beginning! I wonder if he whitewashed any fences as a kid?

There have been so many barbecues in this lovely weather, that I won't torture you with further details of flames shooting from the barbie amid children jumping to sugar-induced frenzies. I also won't mention how the wind picked up and started to blow rain that more closely resembled cats and dogs running sideways across the back garden, blowing most of our guests inside. What I will say is that in spite of ourselves, we had loads of laughs, good food and a really enjoyable time with our friends. Well done on the barbie, Welly! You have earned your territory now!! I must say, even the chicken was really tasty!

Proving he is just as good at "shooting from the hip" ... pre-rain photo by Tim Wells

The true benefit of this blog is that I get to have the last word…always, so let me just leave you with this little quote:

"I love how the men stand cooking around the barbie, while the women have done all the work beforehand doing the marinade and making the salads. And then everybody says, "what a great barbie!" to the guy cooking.  A barbecue is just the ultimate blokes' pastime, isn't it?" ~ Curtis Stone


Have a great week!  See you Saturday!


Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"

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Smart Tips for Your Smartphone Camera https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/7/smart-tips-for-your-smartphone-camera After what seemed a neverending cold and dismal winter, the Fylde Coast of England's north west is enjoying a fabulous summer this year!

There have been weeks of sunshiny mornings greeted with fresh and breezy sea-scented air, drifting dreamily into balmy, slightly cool and starry late night evenings.

Not only do I get to sip the first coffee of the day al fresco, but I actually have a reason to expose my milk bottle-coloured legs!  

Today, in the midst of my typical Saturday morning walk along St Annes Beach with Tim (talented artist of all my cartoons) and Alfie (chocolate lab extraordinaire), my thoughts floated away to ponder remarkable summer holidays I've been on, both near and far.  

My Beach Boys!

It is surprising, but true, that we see the unforgettable and picturesque in the most unexpected places!  No matter where I am, though, one thing is for certain. I am keen to capture it all, and lately I am doing a lot of this picture-taking using the camera on my Smartphone. 

St Annes Beach...classic and cool

These days, most of us have one, and we don't go anywhere without it! We might forget our house keys, our wallet, or our children, but never our Smartphone! Still, they can be a bit fiddley at times and there are some age-old picture-taking woes that can make or break the shot. Today, I want to share some simple tips to help you take better photos on your Smartphone!

Before you press the shutter...

For starters, forget the camera application that came with your phone! Let's talk about the coolest camera app on the planet! If you are someone who believes in the KISS method (Keep It Simple...Silly), you are going to love Instagram! Take a picture, jazz it up with one of the included special effects, and share it right away. Okay, you knew that one, awesome! Don't forget that Instagram now also does 15-second videos as well! Think about all the wonderful, mischieveous, tender, and unforgettable moments you can capture with that feature!  

Here is a link to my Instagram collection if you want to view it later:  Instagram

I won't spend too much time on camera applications, except to say there are two that I personally use.  For Android phones, I am currently using and love the Camera FV-5 Lite (it's free from the Play Store). When I had an iPhone, I used Camera Plus and, in my humble opinion, that is the better camera application of the two. However, both of these excellent applications will give a choice of ISO, exposure compensation (very useful), fully automatic program or shutter control program, a choice of metering modes, a self-timer, and more.

Now onto some quick and basic tips, whether you're making pictures or video with your Smartphone:

Keep Your Finger Away From the Camera Lens!

Yes, I know, it is difficult because a Smartphone is not as easy to grip as a camera. But we really don't want to see a photo of Blackpool Tower with a blurry fat finger at the top of the frame! I once took a whole minutes worth of video with my finger in front of the lens...in the end I left it because it was a little funny, but also a good reminder to watch how I hold the phone!

Take Better Self-Portraits!

Okay, gals, how many pucker-lipped pictures of us in front of the mirror do we actually need to see?  It's not that I'm bitter that my lips can no longer make a full-lipped pout (uh-huh), okay even I'm not buying that one!  Actually, I recently tried a pucker in the mirror, and the end result was just too scary to share! Lip pucker envy aside, you can make your self-portraits more interesting by pressing that virtual button to turn the camera around to look at you. Voilá! You can actually see on the camera display exactly what you will look like in the picture (no mirror required). Now let's get creative, try something different, funny, elegant, retro, or like me, something totally "red!" If you use one of the advanced camera apps I talked about, you can even prop your camera up on something stable, set the self-timer, and have a picture of yourself that doesn't include the camera!

Onion goggles...check!

No More Pictures In The Dark!

Most Smartphone cameras are equipped with a flash these days. The secret is in knowing when and how to use your flash. Here is one easy tip.  If you are taking a picture of someone, and there is bright sun behind them, use your flash. If you don't, everything in the background will look great, but the face of your subject will still be in the dark.  

From no flash to a little flash, there is a big difference!  That's much better!

Share Your Perspective

A photograph essentially is capturing what we see...the way we see it. The final picture helps us to share the combination of technology, reality, and our imagination with the world. Take for instance, cement blocks on a construction site. For some reason they are painted white...to me they look like more than just a brick...do you see it? Look around your world and find what intrigues you...then share it!

Edvard Munch?

Gosh, guys, this post is getting too long!! I think that's all the tips I can squeeze in today, but there will be more in future posts.  

Have a great week, and enjoy your summer!  

 I would love it so much if you left a comment telling me about the strangest, weirdest, or funniest photo you've ever taken with your Smartphone!

Have a great week!  See you next Saturday!

Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"

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En Garde! https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/7/en-garde Whenever anyone asks me what I like to photograph, my answer is always the same. I love photographing people more than anything else! It doesn't matter whether it is an informal, traditional or more artistic image, I want the outcome to be expressive and meaningful. I don't want anyone to look at their pictures with a deflated expression and say unenthusiastically, "Nice photo."  I want them to remember how much fun they had and ooh, ah, smile, giggle or even let out a hearty laugh!  

Keeping that in mind, I just photographed a 60th birthday party last Saturday in Abbeystead, Lancashire. This was a great venue with a beautifully landscaped outdoor area, complete with shady trees for natural, even lighting! The client wanted candid pictures of their party guests, but they also wanted portraits with their family members because many of them live far away. I love working at events where people are completely engrossed in getting away from the daily grind, forgetting about their problems, and just enjoying themselves! My approach, whether it is an event or portrait session, is the same. I am always professional, but I like to allow the personality of the subject to give me my cue. My goal is to draw out the individual long enough that I get to "see" them, and then I freeze the moment. Invariably, we all end up having fun!

One example from Saturday was a trio of lovely and active ginger-haired brothers, the oldest being 11 years. Clearly, they were much more interested in continuing their game of footie on the green than they were in posing for my camera, and rightly so! Reluctantly, the youngest plopped himself under a tree with an exasperated look on his face. I knew this would not make for a good result, so I picked up a nearby twig and challenged him to a sword fight. Instantly, he broke out in laughter, saying, "you didn't learn how to sword fight in school!" To which I replied, "Oh, yes I did... en garde!" My "sword" was short-lived, but the laughter continued on throughout their session.


En Garde!


I really like their ginger hair and mischievous personalities!

My next subject, was a young girl who was keen on being photographed, but just shy enough that she hesitated at first. I could see sword fighting with her was out of the question! All she needed was a few calm and encouraging words. She visibly relaxed and gave me a warm smile that magically  radiated from her head to her toes! Then she looked up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes, and that was it.


One look into these eyes, and anyone would melt!

I find that children are generally more comfortable in their own skin, and therefore it is often easier to get a natural expression from them. The littlest one I photographed all day was just over a year old. Her sole focus was standing up, staying up and walking everywhere! No matter how many times she fell down, she didn't cry, and she didn't look to see who was watching. She just got right back up and kept going! There's a lesson in there somewhere (grin). 


I can do it!

While adults can be a bit more tricky than children, I still try to "go with the flow" of the individual in front of me. Are they relaxed, tense, jolly, quirky, shy, or the biggest extrovert I have ever met? It doesn't matter, I let their personalities lead the way. Occasionally that means being a bit more direct than some might think appropriate. How can I be direct and professional at the same time? There is definitely a fine line and you have to know where it is, but it can be done.

Here is what I mean. The next group portrait was of all four sisters. Although they have few pictures of them all together, one of the them was intent on being grumpy. Like most of us, she was simply uncomfortable having her photo taken, but was being much more obvious about it. Fair enough, but I had to pull her out of it somehow so that I could get something more than a professional snapshot. I'm afraid I did the unthinkable and called her out on her grumpiness. While her sisters were initially shocked, I was never rude. I was just honest in a way that helped her forget how uncomfortable she was, and in the end, everyone had a good laugh! Later that evening, she mentioned to me that she was surprised I had done so, but then she smiled and asked me if I would take a photo of her with her husband. How could I say no to this lovely woman?

Smiles all around!

If this doesn't say love, I don't know what does!

Sometimes the person in front of me is so shy that I instantly realise if I am too outspoken, it will only make them retreat further into themselves. I find just chatting to them in a normal, calm and friendly way is all it takes. I can see something there in their eyes, and I want to bring more of that loveliness to the surface. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than when I successfully capture a moment, no matter how subtle, so it may be enjoyed for years to come.  

A tender moment worth remembering...

It is obvious that I had a fabulous time with this fun-loving family! I do love my job and I hope it is always evident in the faces of my clients when they are presented with their pictures! Perhaps in a few years some of these photos will be in an album, and the family will gather around to take a look, smiling as they remember. I certainly hope so, anyway.


I cannot believe that was us!!

If you enjoy these images, and reading my blog, consider giving me a call to photograph your next event or update your family portraits. I'd love to make you smile!

Have a great week everyone! I will see you back here again next Saturday!  I welcome your feedback and comments, right here on my blog!

Warm regards,

Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"

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I Will Not Fear! https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/7/i-will-not-fear Have you ever thought about doing something you feel passionate about, but in the end you were too afraid to follow through and do it?  Most likely, we can all answer that question with a resounding, "Yes!" There is a little annoying voice inside us that starts nagging away, telling us about all the reasons we shouldn't try something, and all of the things that could go wrong. Fear is horrible, and it is both a thief and a liar. Call me a redhead, but when that little voice starts talking to me and messing with my head, putting butterflies in my stomach, and encouraging me to doubt myself, I want to give a challenge right back!  

Why am I talking about fear? Ah, well a few weeks ago, Phil Kaila, the fabulous salsa instructor of the dance class I attend weekly in Lytham St Annes, announced a musical event called, "Our Big Gig" taking place across the UK in July. This event, which began in 2008 as Bandstand Marathon, was started in an attempt to encourage communities to become more involved in music of all genres.  

Stacey Louise Leadbetter and Phil Kaila at Our Big Gig, Preston, doing a bit of salsa in the break!

Somehow, I got talked into participating. I have sung in public before, but I haven't done it for quite a few years. At first I thought, well, it could be a fun and low-key way to get involved in music-making again, why not! After a couple of weeks passed, however, and the actual date of the audition loomed, Fear came calling!

Eeeek!  What were you thinking?!? 

The inner voices of my fear shouted loudly, everything from "You're too old!" to "You really don't sing all that well!" and "Do you really want to embarrass yourself?" Apparently, I DO! I must admit that I had opportunities to back out gracefully, but in the end I decided to go ahead and sing.  I determined that I had to outwit Fear, jump in the ring with it, look it dead in the eyes, and wrestle it to the ground!  

Then I remembered that Fear only has power over me if I let it. I answered back every question tossed at me, with the very worst I could imagine happening. Guess what?  None of the things I imagined seemed a big deal at the end of the day. I could slip and fall on my way to the stage, start off in the wrong key, my voice could crack, I could miss my cue in the beginning of my track...oh, wait, heh-heh-heh, I did do that! That's right, I missed my cue, so I asked the audio guy to stop the track and start it again, no big deal!  


Photo by Keith Byers

The end result?  You can judge for yourself if you are brave enough to sit through this video taken on my smartphone by the lovely Jackie Hulme. For me, it was a fun night of hearing some really nice people share their musical talents! Yes, there were three judges listening too, but thankfully none like Simon Cowell!  Thank you to two of my salsa dancing buddies, Jackie Hulme and Russell McChlery for driving me to the contest so I could focus on swatting away my remaining nervous butterflies! It was great to have two friendly faces in the crowd!


Is there a moral to this post? Not really, I'm only saying if there is something you are really passionate about, give it your very best effort before deciding to call it a day. I have a very talented friend who is just about to publish her first book this month. She once told me that if she had shared with family and friends that she was thinking of writing a book, they probably would have tried to discourage her from pursuing a potentially pointless effort. Realising this, she wisely decided to keep the idea a secret long enough to do her research, test the market, and share some of her writing with publishers. I guarantee you that no one's laughing now!  

As for me, being here on the Fylde Coast of Lancashire is a dream come true, but not everyone thought it wise for me to attempt to make this leap across the pond. It is a huge risk and in the end, I made that decision on my own. I may still not be successful in the eyes of some, but that is okay with me. I am enjoying doing something I am passionate about and being part of this wonderful community! 

What are your fears?  I'd love some comments from you about times you have faced fear in different situations. 

See you next Saturday (promise!)

Have a great week! 

Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"


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What We Miss When We Hesitate https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/7/what-we-miss-when-we-hesitate As I thought about what I want to share this week, I once again dug back into the treasure troves of the past. You might well ask why, because isn't life all about today?  Well, yes, but tomorrow can be so much better, if we learn from our yesterdays.  This brings me to my point. If we hesitate, procrastinate, or even anticipate too long...the moment is gone, vanished, and lost forever.  

I can tell you about many "almost" photographic moments that I carry in my memory. For instance, a grandfather fishing with his grandson on a sunny summer afternoon; a truck driver looking much more like the pied piper as he trailed a gaggle of geese around his feet; a tired old man with the saddest eyes I've ever seen, pausing for a moment in his overcoat and beret; a little boy trailing his backpack behind him as he ran down the country lane to hug his mother after a long day at school...and the list goes endlessly on.  

These are not moments I can show you, however, I can only tell you about them. In every case, I missed the moment. Now, I've talked a little before about being willing to risk looking foolish. This is not really the same thing. How do I know?  Because I'm not afraid of looking foolish, perhaps because I've done it so many, many times! One such moment occurred just a couple of months ago, when I was on holiday in the states. I was enjoying a pleasant lunch at an outdoor cafe with my aunt and uncle when a broad-shouldered, tattooed man suddenly passed right by my table...carrying a very large, live boa wrapped around his shoulders! Without thinking, I jumped up and ran after him, camera in hand.  Unfortunately, between the crowds and the pace he was walking, I did not get a very good shot. My best guess, is that I looked something like this (thank you Welly once again for translating my imagination in such an amazing way!)!

Wait!  Ssss-stop!  I want to take your picture!


What I am talking about today has more to do with being prepared to act on an opportunity when it unexpectedly presents itself. In a moment like that, there is no time to think! Pick up your camera and do your best to capture that moment before it is gone. Even if you  are only interested in the occasional snapshot, do yourself a favour and take the time and effort to make them as interesting and memorable as possible! This way, you will be able to look back at your picture and smile...and we can smile with you! I do need to add this one caveat, however, please always be careful and sensitive when the moment involves a child. 

Thankfully, this post has a happy ending. Although I still don't always take my heavy cameras with me everywhere, I do always at least have my smartphone with me. Here are some of the unexpected moments I have captured on the Fylde Coast over the last four years. 


A relaxing moment in Lytham Square, enjoying a sunny afternoon...much like today! ... Autumn 2009




A humorous moment on a very windy Lytham Club Day 2011...


www.facebook.com/shanonleighphotography Angelic moments...miniature Olympians, Lytham Club Day 2012


2012 Olympic Torch Relay, Lytham, Lancashire Patriotic moments...his name is Michael, awaiting the Olympic Torch, June 2012

(I'd love to give him a copy of this if anyone knows him)


A "lost shoe" moment...with friends, Barbara Robinson and Paula Newman...2011

(I was helping too, I had my camera ready...and a spare pair of socks!)


A "mans best friend" moment... in Lowther Gardens...2011


A "just learning to walk" moment...with Maisie Butcher (parents, John and Jane Butcher, standing near by)...January 2013


A pensive moment...walking on Lytham beach...2009


Blackpool Sand Sea & Spray 2013 A loving moment...with friends, David and Sally Seidel

Sides Art and Framing 1 Tudor Buildings, South Westby Street Lytham, FY8 5JE


I hope you enjoy these images. There are always more to share, and new ones to capture! We'll just leave those for another time!  If you have any images of your own, or comments you'd like to share, I would absolutely love to hear from you!


Have a great week!  Don't forget your smartphone or camera!  See you next Saturday!


Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"




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A New Queen Is Crowned! https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/6/a-new-queen-is-crowned This week in 2013 saw the crowning of a new queen! Now don't start pondering any changes to the monarchy just yet!  What I am talking about is Lytham's annual crowning of the new Rose Queen! It is an exciting part of Lytham Club Day! 

What exactly is Lytham Club Day? This is my third year photographing the event (in a non-official capacity), but I really don't have a very good understanding about it. Many of my local readers probably know the answer to this question. Having said that, however, there were some I spoke with who seemed equally hazy about how it all began.  Fair enough, when something has been around as long as this annual event, it is easy to forget how or why it started.  Since I am eager to embrace and be part of this lovely community, and also for my readers who are not local, learning more about some of their history seems a good place to start.

Rose Queen 2013, Miss Anna Jackson, Representing Lytham Methodist Church

Quite surprisingly, at least to this American, Lytham Club Day started about 117 years ago!  And here, according to the official "Lytham Club Day & Rose Queen Festival" website, is the rest of the story, well at least as much as I could find, anyway.

Hear ye!  Hear ye!

Early in the 19th century, Lytham was one of the oldest and most beautiful seaside resorts on the Fylde Coast, personally, I think that description is still true.  Like many towns, Lytham had a variety of clubs, and these clubs all had different purposes and interesting names. Naturally, there was a great rivalry between them about which club was more superior. Each year, all the clubs held their own separate meeting to discuss club business.  The "meeting" always included a pub meal, followed by a flow of drinking that more closely resembled a brew waterfall.  Each club fixated on trying to outdo all the other clubs. And then one year, it came to a bit of a climax when one of them had the cheeky idea (personally I think it was brilliant) to hire the town band to parade through Lytham. 

Just grabbing a Latte at nearby Cafe Nero!

The next year, other clubs followed suit, and so on, and so on. The competition continued, in fact, until eventually someone got the bright idea that all the clubs should combine and celebrate on the same day. This was around 1891. And so Lytham combined their Club Day celebrations to make it something for the whole town. Only it wasn't just their town that celebrated. Apparently word got out, and loads of visitors came year after year, even from as far away as the Lake District! It became a really big annual gala event, in fact, complete with parade, bands, clubs, Morris dancers, and more. The only exception, understandably, occurred during the years of WWI (1915-1918) and WWII (1941-45).  

Yes, they thought I was a bit nuts!

Lytham Club Day added the Rose Queen Festival to the annual celebrations in 1894, and this tradition also continues on today. The first Rose Queen, Miss Annie Johnson, passed away on 13 February in 1976 at the wonderful age of 96 years. The Rose Queen for 2013, Anna Jackson, represents Lytham Methodist Church. Family and friends were all there supporting her on her special day!

Family of the newly crowned Rose Queen, Anna Jackson


Clearly, beauty runs in the family of the new Rose Queen, here is sister, Ella

All in all, this is a family fun tradition that I, for one, am glad has stuck around. If you are wondering what my favorite entry in the parade is, I would have to say it is most definitely the bagpipe band, complete with their stern expressions and traditional kilts. Every year, I try to capture them with my camera from a low vantage point…

It's not what you're thinking!! Regardless of what this cartoon by the fabulous Welly implies, I was not testing the rumours about what pipers wear under their kilts (my word!), I just happen to think the bagpipes look better from that view! 


In truth, the mournful, emotional sound of the bagpipes moves me very deeply, and these pipers really know how to play!

In closing, here is a vintage amateur movie of Lytham Club Day, filmed in 1967! I found the clip on amounderness.co.uk if you want to check out other clips and photos from as far back as 1909! Originally, I planned to share the one from 1969, because I'm pretty sure I was at that parade, but the 'clip' was 8 minutes long! Enjoy this vintage treasure and please write and fill me in on any other information you might have about this fabulous tradition!!  


See you next Saturday!

Shanon Leigh, aka "Red"

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What Will You Do To Get That Photo? https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/6/what-will-you-do-to-get-that-photo What will you do to get that photo? Do you get so obsessed with your subject that everything else around you becomes a blur?  If that one moment, that one place, that one angle is so important to you, how much of a risk will you take to make sure you have the image you want?

When I started taking pictures with my Kodak Instamatic camera at the age of 14, my biggest risk was getting clobbered by my siblings for taking unwanted pictures of them. I caught them in the morning waking up, sneaking chocolates from my mum's super-secret chocolate supply (it was never really a secret), my sister with clown make-up on (hmm, I did get smacked for that one), my brother in the loo, my mum and dad kissing (and that was often), and so much more. I wish I could share some of those images with you, but they are in storage back in the states. My brothers and sister just sighed, happy and relieved they won't have to hire that lawyer after all.

When I got my first "real" camera, however, a Nikon 35mm, everything changed. First of all, I had to learn how to use it!  Remember film?  Wow, it was expensive developing your images back then, especially if you took as many photos as I did!  But the thrill of anticipation, licking your lips and slowly opening the envelope to see your creation in the flesh, never got old for me! It was also the reason I worked so hard to learn how to take better pictures. There was nothing more frustrating than clicking away, thinking I got a 'WOW', but instead thought, 'oh' when I saw pictures that were under-exposed or ill-taken. 

You might say disappointment, and wanting less of it, made me obsessive about learning more about my camera and photography. I wanted to do more than just 'take a good picture', however, I wanted to make a memory. I wanted that picture as an anchor, forever holding in place that moment in my life.  How do you do it?  There are lots of ways to make sure you get the picture you want, but for me, it began with taking some risks.

If you want to take better pictures, you need to take the risk that you might look foolish to others. I photographed an intimate concert at a small venue many years ago. All I owned at the time was a 50mm lens. There were other photographers there with their "big rigs" photographing right beside me. One glance and a smirk at my little lens, and I flaked. The result? Pictures that I would rather forget. It is the photographer, not the equipment, that determines the outcome of the picture.

Another risk is humbly and thoughtfully receiving criticism. Nothing has helped my photography improve more than putting in the time to learn the art, and considering the constructive criticism of my work by other, more seasoned photographers.  

What are some "real life" risks I took?  I cannot share them all here, but one favourite family tale involves me walking with a cane whilst I was still recovering from an accident and standing on a highway about 5 feet from an elk in mating season in gorgeous Estes Park, Colorado.  The outcome was, of course, that I survived, and I got the picture!  


That was probably an extreme example, and whilst my family loves to tease me about it, I am not saying go out and do something crazy that might get you injured. What I am really trying to say here is simple. Do your homework, get lost in your story, become part of the moment, and anchor it in time. 

I do have one last tiny bit of advice. Bring along a trusted friend to watch your back, understanding they will probably Instagram photos of you in all kinds of ridiculous positions while they do it. All silliness asidewhen they tell you to duck, run, or stopDO IT!

Photo by Julie Bodin

Photo by Julie Bodin, lovely wife of Neal Bodin...cousin of the crazy redhead!


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Social Media Mania! https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/6/social-media-what-is-it-and-how-does-it-help

Dear Friends of Say Something Photography,

This has been an amazing week; an absolute whirlwind of learning more about social media!  

I am a long-time member of TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, as well as some newer places I am just beginning to explore. Honestly, some days I feel like I am a Face-Flickr-blog-twittering zombie (remember you saw it here, first!), doing nothing more than going back and forth between these sites to check for notifications, followers and verbal pats on the back!  I have to ask myself, what is the point? Well, I must admit the pats on the back are always encouraging (slightly cheeky smile inserted here).  

Connecting the various social media sites back to my website is part of the point, of course. I like to think of it as an ever-changing, always growing network, though it is still a little early for me to tell if I am doing it very well!

Online networking with people, not sites, however, is what I really enjoy most about this Face-Flickr-blog-twittering world of which I have become a proud, contributing member.   There, I have close friends and family, acquaintances that I am getting to know even better, friends from the past that I have reconnected with, and even distant relatives I get to chat with about everyday things, such as a day on the beach, a mischievous family dog, or a favourite recipe. But I am also getting to know other new and interesting people, both locally and far away. It's exciting because I love to hear about the personal experiences of others and for a moment, I get to be there and see things through their eyes. It gets me out of my own head, which, as anyone who knows me well will vouch for, is a very good thing! 

This wonderful ability to connect virtually anywhere, really does help me to see things from completely different perspectives. Sometimes, I can get stuck in the confines of my own little space, and then one little personal story helps to open the windows of my eyes to the bigger world around me. Since photography is very much about understanding and creating perceptions of individuals and places, it is an invaluable insight that helps me do my job even better.

Have a good week! Don't forget to subscribe by clicking the RSS feed button to receive updates in your RSS reader!

See you next Friday!



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Seeing Red For the Very First Time https://www.saysomethingphotography.com/blog/2013/6/seeing-red-for-the-very-first-time I am Shanon Leigh of Say Something Photography, a portrait photographic artist with over 20 years of training and experience. I understand that part of running any business in this cyber-focused age is creating and sharing a blog.  I'm a bit of a novice at this and a bit shy, however, so I have invented a character to do it for me. Allow me to introduce you to my brainchild, "Red." She is plucky, funny, clumsy, smart, English-born and American-raised. She gives me a way to share my foibles without actually having to talk about myself directly.  
As good fortune would have it, I am dating the very talented caricature artist/cartoonist, Tim Wells, aka "Welly", who has somehow managed to peer inside my imagination long enough to figure out exactly how I pictured my cartooned persona. Okay, I want her to look like me and he accomplished this oh, so well, right down to my Dumbo-sized ears! Now it is up to me to write her story and personality.
Red, like me, loves the area along the Fylde Coast of Lancashire. I spent many happy holidays in Lytham St Annes, from young childhood up until my teens. It was then that I moved to the states with my parents, but I never forgot the connection I felt here. I moved back to the North West a couple of years ago, eager to make new friends and memories, and I haven't been disappointed. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. Red has a little bit more of a challenge, however. Everything is new to her, and she is also trying to build a portrait photography business as she gets acquainted with this beautiful seaside town.   

I invite you to join me each week to see what new thing Say Something Photography is doing. Red will be here to tell it all. It might be business, it might not, but I promise to try to keep it inviting, interesting, short on rambling, and fun!  

Red would also like to take this moment to thank Welly for his artistic genius. You can check out more of his work at http://www.wellys-caricatures.co.uk/

See you next Friday!


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