Say Something Photography | About
As the daughter of a military officer, international photographic artist, Shanon Leigh experienced a very nomadic childhood. This lifestyle created in her an amazing ability to observe and interpret her surroundings from an insightful and global perspective. When she received her first camera at the age of 13, she was excited to discover she finally had a means not just to visualize, but also to permanently record and communicate everything she saw.

Today, with over 20 years of experience and training, she continues that passion as an artistic portrait photographer. Wherever she goes, her goal is always the same: to capture a glimpse into the heart and soul of you and your loved ones, creating a unique and personal work of art.

Every stage in your family's life is both precious and fleeting, so don’t let them slip by unnoticed. Contact her by email or phone today to set up your portrait consultation in South Florida.