Individual Portrait Sessions: £160

Has your mum or partner asked for an updated photo?  Are you a business owner needing a professional image for your website or business card; or a model, actor, or performer requiring some polished portraits for your portfolio or promotional package?  Then this session is for you!   The two-hour session allows plenty of time for different lighting and clothing changes.  20 digital images are provided with this package.


Couples and families: £170 2-3, £190 4-6, £220 7-8

Perhaps you are a newly engaged couple, or one celebrating many years together; a young family with a little one just learning to walk, or a large family wanting to capture some lingering moments of childhood.  If you're wondering when you should have them photographed, it is now!   I like to start our sessions by photographing everyone together in a relaxed fashion, then each individual and small groups together.  This package comes with 30 digital images.


Large Groups: £260 9-10, £300 11-13, £350 14-16 (call for prices for groups larger than 16)

Ah, the family reunion!  What a wonderful time indeed to get everyone together in one place!  Now if we could only get some amazing photos that truly “Say Something” and include everyone from the youngest grandchild to great-aunt Rita!  Well, you can!  I photograph the entire group together and then begin to take pictures of each smaller group, starting with the youngest as they tend to quickly get bored, then I move on to those who tire out the quickest.  This helps to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience and all facial expressions are natural, relaxed, and memorable.  Large group photos are not just for families, however.  These are also brilliant sessions for school or sporting club reunions, or small business staff pictures to post in the office or online.  40 digital images are provided.


Online Dating/Social Media: £60

Online dating has become a popular method for meeting “the one” or even, “the next one!”  I am sure we have all have quickly moved on to another potential date simply because their profile picture did not do them justice.  You know what I mean, mirror images blinded by the flash, distorted camera phone pictures, or worse still, the picture with an arm around you, displaying the only remaining evidence of your former dating relationship!  Oh dear!  We do better than this when we sell our car; surely we want more for ourselves!  If you agree, and I think you will, the Online Dating Session is for you!  The outcome is the very best natural “you” so when people meet you in person, the only surprise is that you really do look as good as your photograph! It is the only one-hour session I offer, and it includes 8 images already optimized for the web.